PublicView is all about monitoring performance.

Recently we were performance testing our own systems. We compared the page speed using modern browsers with Internet Explorer 11, launched in 2013 and in common use amongst our users.

We support whatever our users like to use, but we couldn’t help noticing that our main home page takes 400 milliseconds to load for modern browsers, but almost six seconds in Internet Explorer 11, running on the same hardware and the same network.

The reason is that generating charts for nearly fifty metrics makes heavy use of JavaScript, which IE11 wasn’t really designed to support.

We’ll of course continue to support any and all types of browsers, but if you choose a modern browser then you’ll get a huge performance boost.

Halifax or Hyderabad?

PublicView software is made, run, tended and paid for entirely in the UK. Not actually in Halifax, but most definitely not “offshore”.

We reckon what you need to understand a health care system very well in order to build software for it. We all depend upon the NHS for our own health care.

We work closely face-to-face with the NHS so we can provide an improving service and make Public View as good as it can possibly be.

New Emergency C-Section Data Format

We have the new format Emergency C-Section data just loaded for April, May and June 2019. The number of trusts actually reporting in the new format has gone down from around 120 to 80 or so. We expect that to improve as they start to support the new format.

Here’s the Statistical Process Control chart for one leading trust who’s been steadily improving their performance in this area over time.

That’s what these data are for!

Another Big Data Day

It’s one thing to talk about “big data”, it’s another to make it accessible, day in, day out, and in a form which is actually usable by real people, not just analysts.

That’s what Public View does.

Here’s some or the data loaded today. We never stop, but we don’t process the really big data sets until the evening so they don’t affect performance for users during the day.

Some of the data loaded today

Processing involves reading, understanding and formatting data from sources as different as NHS manually prepared CSV files unstable formats through to PDF files hiding the data in places you’d not think to look.

This is what we do, so you don’t have to.

Better Sign Up

We’ve had a lot of new users recently, so we have made our sign up process simpler.

1 Create Your Account

Use the self-registration link you’ve been provided with. That will automatically populate your organisation name, code, and email domain.

Fill in your full name and email address, and press “Register Account”. An email will be send to the given address almost immediately.

Sample Registration Form

2 Set Your Password

  1. Open the email sent by us to the account you just created. and click the Set Password button.
  2. Your browser will open a PublicView page. Type in a new password for your account and press the Set Password and Log In button
Sample Welcome Email

How to Fix Things Which May Go Wrong

  • Miss spelt email address
    Contact the Support Team and tell them what your correct email address is. They will fix the problem and re-send the “welcome email” to the correct email account.
  • Someone else’s email address
    As above.
  • Your spam filters block the registration email
    Look in your spam folder and tell your email client to allow emails from PublicView.Health through unmolested.
  • You don’t respond to the email within a couple of days
    Contact the Support Team and ask them to re-send the “welcome email”.
  • User clicks the button, but does not provide a password
    (a) Click the “forgot password” link on the Log In page and request a password reset link. Within a couple of days, click the link in the email and provide your password.
    (b) Contact the Support Team and they will send you a “reset password” email.

IE11 Is Slow

During recent performance tests we noticed that IE11 is a really slow browser.

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, IE11 in 2013. Microsoft Edge replaced IE11 in 2015.

We measured our own “home page”, which is a big page, but it’s designed for speed – displaying within a second on modern browsers. You can sort it (which rebuilds each each of the 44 charts on it) in about half a second. It just feels quick.

On IE11 on our most powerful machines it’s a different story. There’s a noticeable gap of a couple of seconds before the screen’s displayed, and sorting takes over a second!

Our software is lightening fast, but IE11 is horribly slow.

We thought about putting a reminder on the page, encouraging people to upgrade. Perhaps we will do that in time, but for now… by all means keep using IE11, but please understand that things could easily be so much quicker.

Always Fresh!

Another Thursday, another set of metric updates delivered within minutes of publication of the raw data! Here’s a summary of Thursday’s updates..

13/06/2019Cancer 31 Day Wait for First Treatment
13/06/2019Cancer 62 Day All Sources
13/06/2019Cancer 62 Day Screening
13/06/2019Cancer 2 Week Wait
13/06/2019Cancer 62 Day Classic
13/06/2019A&E – 4 Hour Standard
13/06/2019A&E – Long Wait for Admission
13/06/2019Outpatient DNA Rate
13/06/2019Friends & Family Test Inpatient Score
13/06/2019RTT Incomplete 18 Week Standard
13/06/2019RTT Average Wait for Incomplete
13/06/2019RTT 52 Week Breach
13/06/2019Diagnostics – 6 Week Standard
13/06/2019Mixed Sex Accommodation Breaches
13/06/2019Cancelled Operations
13/06/2019Day Surgery Rate
10/06/2019Harm Free Care Score

Release 1.1.57

Public View was updated this morning, with the following changes:

  • Move the definitions on the Headlines page from the left to the right, and make the definitions panel collapsible with a sticky setting.
  • Patient Safety Reporting Culture; Sickness Absence Rate; and Sickness Absence Rate (12 month rolling) all small variations compared with other metrics, so the precision of axis labels were not correct in previous versions.
  • The default and alternative palettes have been swapped over. This doesn’t affect users with existing palettes, only new or changing users.
  • New users are no longer created with default Peer Groups.
  • Added a sticky “view all” option along with page size options on the main Performance page.
  • Change the display of HCPS Metric for Trusts not in the top 100 for this metric.

Bumper Thursday

It’s that time of the month again, with new published data available immediately via the Public View Service.

If you don’t spend all your time checking for the updates, just tell your browser to notify you and you’ll be informed the same way you’re informed of new email message etc.

To turn on notifications, you need an up to date browser (anything better than IE11), and then just flip the switch at the top right of the page (see image).

Mobile First

We’ve been busy through the wintry weather, working on tuning the Public View application so it makes the best use of mobile and tablet screens.

You’ll find significantly improved utilisation of the available space, with superfluous controls removed and text optimised for whatever screen size your device supports. Charts too have been optimized, reducing padding and other screen elements to enable you to focus on what matters.

The screen shot above also shows the new “subscribe for notifications” switch – the blue toggle near the top right.

With one click this button subscribes (or unsubscribes) the device for notifications. You may need to click one more time if the device also asks you to approve the permission our application requests. Once you have subscribed, the device will notify you whenever there are changes to the available data sets.

The screen shot is already out of date, as metric S3 “Emergency c-section rate” was published by us at 10:21 this morning.