Throughout the design and development process I have held three values at the core for all Public View features: Simple. Accurate. Fast.

The simplicity of the user interface brings together many complex data sets into a single intuitive web page. From here NHS leaders can access one hundred times the insight it previously took me a whole month to discover via my manual process. That gets me really excited.

But the shift from a manual process to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has not only delivered an exponential shift in the number and the power insights, it has also brought unparalleled levels of accuracy. The performance Public View displays is exactly what each organisation has published about itself. And all in a fraction of a second.

Within a few moments of a data set being published Public View loads it into our database and makes it available for users to see and use. Being fast in all aspects is critical. From making the data available, to clicking through detailed insight charts, it is essential that NHS leaders can efficiently get the insights they need to keep making a difference for patients.

It is the implementation of these values in all that we do that I am most proud and passionate about.

NHS performance is complex, but with great design we have harnessed the power of public data to create revolutionary insights in a format that is simple, accurate and fast. Even the most techno phobic leader will find Public View easy and empowering to use.