The World Economic Forum in 2016 announced that we are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, which sees us moving from the digital revolution that started in the mid 20th century to the "Automatic" revolution.
We are already seeing AI developments such as home-help robots, driverless cars and help selecting which product to buy on Amazon, or which film to watch on Netflix. These changes are slowly shifting the way we live our lives.

And yet lots of people are having to manually transform public data from sets of web pages or spreadsheets into a something the NHS can use. That work is repeated at every NHS Trust nationwide. Every month.

Public View

With Public View I am aiming to maximise the opportunities of new technology to revolutionise how analytics in the NHS are managed.

Instead of an industry of people copying information from one place to another, it's possible right now to create a simpler, more accurate and faster way of collecting, processing and analysing all aspects of NHS data. Patients' confidential information isn't needed to do this, but when no people are involved in the processing, privacy problems are much reduced.

Public View Ltd delivers a simple unified view from publicly available information.  It doesn't matter that the source information was never designed or intended to be used together: in 2018 that's a problem of automation which is solvable.

Our Vision

My vision is to take this approach to the next level.

For example why should NHS leaders have to wait for information to be publically available? I want to connect directly to the source information, making the same power available live for immediate use. In the future people will wonder why things were not always done this way.

As an NHS leader a major aim for me is to see the NHS spend a lot less money on informatics and analysis. That way it can put more of its resource into the things that only humans can do: care compassionately for each other. Through implementing the techniques I have used to make Public View, I believe that the sums of money the NHS spends on analysis could become a fraction of what they are today.

We don't need more, we need smarter.