I want everyone to be able to see for themselves the level of insight obtainable from Public View, and how this can help NHS leaders improve their organisations

Public View Ltd is rolling out the service across the country as a free trial.

Employees of Acute NHS providers can self sign-up at https://www.publicview.health.

After confirming their email, Trust staff will be able to get started straight away looking at real public data using the fully-featured new system at no cost.

Those who are not employees of an NHS Acute provider but would like to experience the benefits of Public View can email me on [email protected].health.

I hope that many trial users will take up subscriptions once they understand why the Public View service is so valuable. Only through organisations paying a small contribution will I be able to continue to run the service and realise the full potential of the product through new developments.

Being able to offer a long free trial is fantastic, but  Public View Ltd needs to make money to continue to exist. Hence our free trial is time-limited and ends in October 2018.

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