As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) moves to using more ‘intelligent monitoring’ techniques, we ask whether performance can be a predictor of care quality? Over the course of this week we will be reviewing various aspects of performance to see what, if anything, we can infer about quality from intelligent monitoring techniques.

The CQC have comprehensive and publicly available criteria for their assessments of acute providers. Yet, on some occasions, the rating given to an organisation can leave employees, patients and wider system leaders surprised.

There are some assessments of quality that can only be done in person.

It's difficult to "measure" dedicated teams that go beyond super-human compassion to make frightened and vulnerable patients feel calm and safe. Indicators can't really measure these things.

But does an organisation's big data correlate with CQC ratings?

Using the Public View multiple peer groups feature with CQC ratings (see above) we can review if there is a visible correlation between individual indicator performance and current CQC rating.

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