Earlier today, NHS Improvement published their quarterly performance report. This contains a summary of performance against the main regulatory metrics including A&E, 18 week and Cancer. But it also contains one of the only opportunities to compare financial performance.
At the end of Quarter 1, on one hand things are good, the provider sector forecasts it will finish the year on plan. But one the other, financial stability remains a problem as this is against a planned deficit for the year of £519 million. That said if providers can keep to plan it will be a marked improvement on 17/18 which ended with a deficit of £966 million.

Looking at financial performance at a provider level it is concerning to see that only 10 providers have reported a surplus position for Q1, particularly given that 51% have a plan for surplus by the end of 18/19. But for those 10 delivering a surplus must be commended.

Reviewing the preset comparison groups on Public View it is clear that financial performance is continuing to correlate closely with CQC rating. Average income and expenditure position for CQC groups as follows;

  • Outstanding -0.1%
  • Good -4.6%
  • Requires Improvement -8.8%
  • Inadequate - 13.3%

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