In late 2017 the BBC published an interactive tool which enabled the anyone to check how their local NHS hospital was performing against the strict access targets for emergency, cancer and routine care.
Whilst these data have been in the public domain for over a decade, it was never previously easy for the general user to discover information that was of interest to them.

It was therefore a significant loss when this tool ceased to be updated in June 2018.

The Public View Service brings together hundreds of public data sets to create a fully interactive performance monitoring and bench-marking service for NHS Trusts. Our analyses are deep and rich, enabling Trusts to monitor their own detailed performance.

Data we process includes the emergency, cancer and routine care standards shown on the old BBC system.

We think that there is value in this information continuing to be available in a user friendly format for the general public, so we launched our own completely free Top 100 Hospitals page.

Our service provides the Hospital's most recent ranking based on the Public View Hospital Combined Performance Score (HCPS), as well as the performance data shown by the old BBC service. We have quick interactive drill down into each organisation's performance, with easy comparison against other hospitals built in.

Top 100 Hospitals users can instantly jump between organisations by clicking on the columns of any of the charts; automatically locate their nearest NHS Trust; or to find Trust by searching for their name.

We hope this tool is of great help to those that are interested in the performance of their local hospital, and that it will help drive improved standards in all areas.

Plus it leaves the BBC free to do what they're good at.