Following last week's "offline working" update, this week Public View launched as a Progressive Web Application.

That means you can install Public View on your phone's home screen and it'll notify you when there's new data available.

Whilst you can't log in to the application when you're offline, you can continue to use it offline should your network connection drop. The application stores everything you look at, so if your train gets stuck in a tunnel you can still check out the latest metrics.

Browser Support

  • We've built and tested the application with Google Chrome,  Firefox , and
    Microsoft Edge where it works flawlessly.
  • Safari plus built-in phone browsers should work fine but have not yet been tested by us.
  • IE11 doesn't support Web Push, but is easily upgraded to the current Microsoft browser (Edge) or something else.

Installation: One Click

Just browse to the site with a modern browser and you should be prompted to install the site as an Application. If you don't see the prompt, or if you dismiss it the first time, then the option to "install on the home page" is available in all modern browsers.

If you want, you'll need to separately "subscribe" to web notifications and give permission for the App to use these when prompted. You can find the button to turn notifications on in your "profile" page within Public View.

You don't have to opt in to notifications, but if you do then Public View will notify you when new data's published, and the application will automatically refresh so you can see the new data with just a click.

That's possibly three or four clicks, depending on browser, but it's quick and easy. If you change your mind, just select the application icon on your home screen and select "remove", which is definitely a single click.


Feedback on how users are getting on with this is welcome.

Progressive Web Apps are very new and support is uneven, so we can't be sure everything will work perfectly on all systems.

If you have a problem, please contact us through the web site. We'll need to know which type of phone (iPhone or Android), and which browser (eg Safari, Chrome etc). We can't fix browsers, but we may be able to help get you running.