We've been busy through the wintry weather, working on tuning the Public View application so it makes the best use of mobile and tablet screens.

You'll find significantly improved utilisation of the available space, with superfluous controls removed and text optimised for whatever screen size your device supports. Charts too have been optimized, reducing padding and other screen elements to enable you to focus on what matters.

The screen shot above also shows the new "subscribe for notifications" switch - the blue toggle near the top right.

With one click this button subscribes (or unsubscribes) the device for notifications. You may need to click one more time if the device also asks you to approve the permission our application requests. Once you have subscribed, the device will notify you whenever there are changes to the available data sets.

The screen shot is already out of date, as metric S3 "Emergency c-section rate" was published by us at 10:21 this morning.