During recent performance tests we noticed that IE11 is a really slow browser.

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, IE11 in 2013. Microsoft Edge replaced IE11 in 2015.

We measured our own "home page", which is a big page, but it's designed for speed - displaying within a second on modern browsers. You can sort it (which rebuilds each each of the 44 charts on it) in about half a second. It just feels quick.

On IE11 on our most powerful machines it's a different story. There's a noticeable gap of a couple of seconds before the screen's displayed, and sorting takes over a second!

Our software is lightening fast, but IE11 is horribly slow.

We thought about putting a reminder on the page, encouraging people to upgrade. Perhaps we will do that in time, but for now... by all means keep using IE11, but please understand that things could easily be so much quicker.