We've had a lot of new users recently, so we have made our sign up process simpler.

1 Create Your Account

Use the self-registration link you've been provided with. That will automatically populate your organisation name, code, and email domain.

Fill in your full name and email address, and press "Register Account". An email will be send to the given address almost immediately.

Sample Registration Form

2 Set Your Password

  1. Open the email sent by us to the account you just created. and click the Set Password button.

  2. Your browser will open a PublicView page. Type in a new password for your account and press the Set Password and Log In button

Sample Welcome Email

How to Fix Things Which May Go Wrong

  • Miss spelt email address
    Contact the Support Team and tell them what your correct email address is. They will fix the problem and re-send the "welcome email" to the correct email account.

  • Someone else's email address
    As above.

  • Your spam filters block the registration email
    Look in your spam folder and tell your email client to allow emails from PublicView.Health through unmolested.

  • You don't respond to the email within a couple of days
    Contact the Support Team and ask them to re-send the "welcome email".

  • User clicks the button, but does not provide a password
    (a) Click the "forgot password" link on the Log In page and request a password reset link. Within a couple of days, click the link in the email and provide your password.
    (b) Contact the Support Team and they will send you a "reset password" email.