This week's update is scheduled for first-thing Tuesday morning and is a set of fixes for small problems plus general performance improvements.

New Icon Set

The main thing users may notice is that we've switched the site's icon set from one open-source provider (Font Awesome) to another (Bootstrap). This reduces the overall size of the site and puts us in a better place for the future.

The new icon set is smaller than the old, however, so we had to change some icons:

  • The "performance" icon previously looked like a car speedo and is now a trophy.
  • There are no longer icons for "social media" - our Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo accounts links are therefore gone. We don't use those much anyway.
  • The happy/ sad face icons for have slimmed down a bit.
  • The "intranet" icon has changed from a small computer on a network to a shield. The shield indicates that the user's accessing the system from a secure intranet location.
  • The "colour pallete" icon, which was rather nice, has been replaced by a simple "wrench" icons, although it still edits the pallete as before.

Other changes

  • Improve display of icons in user management list.
  • Fixed change pallete colour issue which was broken.
  • Ensure that bookmarked top 100 hospital details links always work.
  • Improve "loading" spinners in blog, top 100, performance page etc
  • Colour centile column in headlines page.


We're trialling hugely expanded support for additional metrics plus various new format reports. We're always interested in hearing ideas for new ways for us to present data.

We have a new public-facing site design which is currently in test.