This morning's new software includes some fixes and some additional functionality requested by users.

New & Improved Features

  • Add a new Peer Group preset which shows the members of the user's reference organisation's parent STP has been created. Select the "STP Members" preset and compare your organisation's performance against each STP peer.
  • Add ability to zoom the timeline on trend and process control charts. Charts can be instantly zoomed to show from one year up to five. You can still quickly step these charts back in time as before.
  • Colouring of centile values has been added to all pages.
  • Improve the way the "loading" spinners work in the blog and top 100. Rarely seen on modern browsers, but handy for IE11 users.
  • The size of the website has been reduced slightly which should make things fractionally quicker.
  • New icons. We've completed replacing our old icon set with new icons, which should be quicker to load.


  • Fixed an issue with changing the colour pallete for peer comparison groups.
  • Make bookmarking for top 100 detail (eg work as expected.
  • We've improved the "locked out" work flow to try to make this annoyance as quick and easy as possible for users to sort out.
  • We improved the look and feel of the "toast" pop ups which appear now and then, for example to confirm the change in password etc.