We've been busy through the last month or so building some new features - more about those in due course.

Last weekend we launched version The numbers do mean something to us, honest.
In addition to ground-work for the new features, the release included multiple improvements, with particular emphasis on the user sign-up process. We'll continue to monitor that, with emphasis on making the "please reset my password" type processes as as intuitive as possible. And we hope entirely unnecessary.

We've been busy again in the last couple of weeks, and a new release is scheduled for the American's Independence Day on Saturday. We're not offering independence, or even a party with fireworks, but we do have a number of changes some of which are listed below.

Most of these came directly from user feedback, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you know something we ought to hear about.

And those new features? There're listed as Optional Features on the new Features Page, once that too is released on Saturday July 4th 2020.