Well it's Saturday, although I'm not sure how special it is.

This morning sees version heading into live use. This is a small update with a range of minor improvements and fixes, including:

  • Restoration of some missing icons on our public home page. Those had been lost in a previous update.

  • Search Engine Optimisation work. We don't really care about search engines for advertising, as our customers mostly come to us from recommendations within the NHS. However some of our users (me included) like to search for the name of services rather than precisely type in the web address or bookmark the site. This release contains the things which Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing and the rest like to see, so now you can pretty much guarantee we'll be top of search results when you're searching for us.

  • Performance improvements. We now have many customers using our "Extended Metrics" option, and keeping our systems snappy is a key goal for us. The new release includes a few minor speed improvements to everything from the database through to compression of the web pages delivered to your device. It's quicker.

We're not yet at 100%, but we'll keep on tweaking until we are.

Although we continue to support every browser including the venerable IE11, please note that IE11 in particular is very slow and we can't make it faster than it is. Microsoft built IE11 and they recommend not using it for this and many other good reasons.