Our upcoming release has more added features for ICS support, something which isn't quite ready for public launch yet. However some of those features are available to existing Trust users today, for example the new "organisation selector".

Organisation selector in use

The image shows the brand-new "organisation selector" opened. New features include:

  • A new section showing ICS member Trusts.
  • The "auto complete" selector now allows ICS users to pick either ICS organisations or Trusts.
  • A new "recent" section lists organisations recently reviewed. Switching back to any of these typically takes around a tenth of a second, so you can easily flip between organisations .

You can still set "comparison groups" for any organisation, but now it's even easier and quicker to check other organisations out.

ICS users can also use the selector to "drill into" or out of member organisations. That's possible elsewhere too - in the screen shot above clicking any of the child Trust columns on the right drills into the relevant metric for that ICS Trust organisation.