Our new system has been out since the first of May and has worked without obvious problems. Some users reported significant speed increases, which is what we'd expect as we switched to a much quicker storage system.

This week's release doesn't include any major new features, but multiple tweaks to some of the new features released at the start of May.

Moving Averages

Here's the new moving average feature, shown here with a window of 12 months. As initially released the "window" reduced the amount of data shown on the chart. This week's build includes any extra data needed for the window, so the chart is more complete.

ICS Aggregations

We also added one new feature which we had mixed feelings about.

We've been working on ICS level metrics for some time, and our new ICS Product features specifically those metrics, which have kept us all busy for months.

ICS metrics aren't simply an aggregation of the same metrics across member Trusts, which causes some interesting complexity in the ICS Product when a user wants to drill-down through a metric from a parent ICS to a child Trust.

However some users asked for Trust metrics to be aggregated across their ICS groupings, and that's in the new release as shown below. Aggregation takes about 0.2 of a second.