ICS Metrics are different from simple Aggregated Trust Metrics. Public View produces both, but it's important to know which is which and why.

What data is aggregated?

An Aggregated Trust Metric is simply an aggregation of the metrics for a set of Acute Trusts, all belonging to the same ICS. That's the sum of the numerators divided by the sum of the denominators - a simple overall average value of Trust level data.

An ICS Metric is different. Typically it's the sum of data for all member provider organisations, not just Acute Trusts. Data from Mental Health, Community Services, Ambulance etc may well be needed to compute an ICS level metric.

In more complex cases the ICS Metric is formally calculated from CCGs (for example Cancer Metrics). This is not the same as all ICS providers and simply summing those will give an incorrect result.

The many-to-many relationship between providers, CCGs and ICSs is complex.