You may well not notice the little version number at the bottom right-hand side of our web pages, but it's there. It's a complicated number as we need to know precisely what version is which.
We're almost ready to switch from 1.3 to 1.4, which for us is a fairly major change. Most of the work in the new release is "internal" - keeping the insides of Public View up to date with the latest performance and security updates. We also cleared all known customer reported defects, and tweaked the user interface in multiple places to make everything a little slicker.

Behind the scenes we added an extra database capacity, doubling the power available and also increasing system resilience.

Our direct database access product is nearing completion of Beta testing and will be available to existing customers from release 1.4. This will enable customers to quickly identify areas of interest with the Public View application, then to present custom analysis of it by direct SQL access to the metrics themselves.

All being well, Release 1.4 ships this weekend.

Release 1.4 beta