The new Public View Database Service is now formally out of Beta test and humming nicely.

Whilst Public View majors on providing accurate, timely and most of all easy to use data for descision makers, we've also been asked over the years to provide direct access to the databases and data behind our pretty user interface.

Typically this level of access is needed by people who for example need to produce a performance report in their format not ours, and for whom our existing "export to Power Point" and "export to Excel" features aren't quite powerful enough.

If that's you, then now you can simply connect to an up-to-date replica of the Public View data warehouse and run your own SQL against it. Users no longer need to wade through NHS published PDF files and ever-varying Excel format worksheets - Public View's service abstracts all that away leaving only pristine clean consistent metric data, consistent over all time.

Here's an example of the sort of thing customers can do directly with the data in Public View's data warehouse. This, from our user documentation, compares the "Complaints Rate" indicator values for a user's own organisation and all recommended peer organisations for a given month.


We're sure this'll provide the direct analytical ability to satisfy our most technical users.