We've updated our menus to make it easier for users to find information. Our "help" menu went AWOL a release or two back, but we found it and put it back under the user's "profile" menu.

These features are available in any release from v1.4.1013 onwards.

Help Menu

Test List

We've not quite solved the issue of where to put it for Intranet users, but at least it's there for those who are able to log in. The top 100 website is our publicly accessible site which shows a limited ranking of hospital trusts.

Save Peer Groups to File

In our first post-lockdown NHS meeting someone asked for the abilities for customers to create their own preset peer group configurations. We've not quite gone there yet, but here's a new feature which is a step on the way.

As below, the peers screen now offers the ability to save the current configuration to a local file and later restore it. We hope that'll make it easier to use complex custom configurations.

Don't forget that after loading a configuration from file, you need to press "save" if you want to actually use those settings.

Test List