Following suggestions from users we've some new "user definable pages" currently in Beta test. This isn't the final user interface but perhaps it gives you the general idea. Which is as many reports as you'd like, each of which can contain whatever subset of the hundreds of metrics we hold.
We think people will use it to create "pages" which have a mix of "parent" and "child" metrics, or to create sets of metrics
which focus on particular areas. The pages are going to be completely flexible and as quick as our existing pages.

If anyone ever reads these, they may have noticed that we updated the screen shot... the beta process progresses, and the new screens are much closer to the final I think. We just made it work across multiple machines, so you can sit at one screen, change your custom reports, and they'll magically be present and correct on the other screen/ browser/ machine/ continent etc.

The "bookmarks" entry is an automatic "migration" of any previously saved user bookmarks. The new "user defined pages" are like multiple editable sets of bookmarks on steroids. And they're really quick to flip and set up.

We're a few weeks from release of this, but it's on its way.