Public View will be running continuously through the holiday period as usual.

Our highly automated systems don't know that it's Christmas, so they'll be running every day and night to ensure Public View accurately reflects published NHS data as always.

Coming Soon

It's been three and a half years since our systems started serving just 60 or so metrics to a handful of Hospital Trusts. We've grown tremendously, but we're only just getting started. Watch this space for some interesting new developments in 2022, as we grow to support NHS changes and even more data sets and customer types.

New Numbering

The numbers in the Blue circles on our screens were overlapping for ICS and Provider metrics, which as one of our early ICS users pointed out was confusing. We have fixed that in the new release, which as below uses multi-digit unique numbers for all metrics. Those are the same numbers you'll see in the address bar of your browser, for example metric 235 is:
See below for how that looks.

Blog Feedback

Someone asked if we could have a comments section, and/ or a forum. This is actually a static website (like a Blog but more secure), but the downside of that is neither of those is trivial. We're looking at solutions though, and hope to have something out next year to cover all that. I'd quite like a spell checker too, for xmas please.

ICS screenshot