We just released v1.4.0909.1638 with new features and fixes for some things we should not have broken.


Apologies to anyone who tried to register for the last day or two. We saw some strange things in our logs and eventually worked out that new self-registrations were failing. The root cause was some work we'd done in preparation for this release... but that's no excuse.

We're part way through a new project to add automated testing, so this sort of thing should get even rarer in future. More on that later.

We have not however invested in a spell-checker for the blog just yet, in case anyone was wondering.

User Defined Reports

As defined in A previous post, user defined reports are the main new feature of this release, as shown here.

The good news is that they're backwards-compatible, so you can just keep doing what you were doing with earlier releases and that'll work just the same. On the other hand if you want to create some custom reports with arbitrary metrics... then have a play with User Defined Reports and we think you'll find them easy and really quick to use.

SPC Icons

We love our SPC charts. Actually we're not all that keen, they're fairly fidily to write software for. Anyway, if you take a close look at the screen shot above you'll see we've now provided users with instant access to "process metric" icons in every report.

Here's an example of how they look in the SPC chart itself

SPC Chart

Note that you can click on any valid point on the chart and the process metrics will reflect your selection.


We also fixed various issues, mostly minor, but no one likes defects. If there's anything you know is still broken, please tell us and we'll happily fix it.