We're now supporting 301 ICS specific metrics, slightly fewer than our 304 Provider specific metrics, giving a total of 605 metrics accessible instantly by ICS users, or 304 for Providers.

That's quite an increase on the 50 metrics we started with a couple of years ago, but we built Public View to be scalable, and we're only getting started. The key things about Public View are:

  • Public View's systems are automated. That means our metrics are always available, always timely, contain no "human error", and are always consistent.
  • We don't warehouse irrelevant clutter like column names or spreadheet artefacts no one cares about. You can always find the source data from Public View, but we don't let it get in the way of the information.
  • We re-compute historic metrics as NHS organisational structures change, so rankings are always correct for all time.

We love data, but it's got to be complete, accurate, consistent and accessible. That's what Public View delivers.

Lots of metrics