Our next software release is scheduled for the weekend starting Saturday 11th September.

A major new feature allows users to create arbitrary collections of metrics to review - "user defined reports".

1 New Built-In Reports

There are three new "built in" reports which supercede the old "performance" page. These are:

  1. Performance which behaves exactly like the old Performance Page.
  2. Board Metrics shows the metrics of the Board Report in the same format as the Performance Page.
  3. Everything As per the screen shot below, this shows all the metrics the subscriber has access to, paged as there are quite a lot of them.

Users who had defined "bookmarks" previously will also find an additional option:

  1. Bookmarks these any bookmarks the user had previously defined, presented as a separate report rather than a filter. This is available by default only if users had defined bookmarks to put here, and also for non-intranet users.

By default all users see the Performance report, which therefore works exactly as before.

2 Switching Between Reports

  • The page's menu has a new "drop down" arrow, which can be used to switch between the available reports, which include those listed above and any custom reports the user's created (see below).
  • The system remembers the last report selected (on the browser) and will show that by default should the user return to the site later.

3 Creating Custom Reports

  1. Select a report from any available.
  2. Copy the report via the menu (see screen shot below).
  3. Add or remove items from the report. There are two ways to do this as described below.
3.1 Adding or removing metrics from within a report
  1. Click the blue circle with the number in it to the left of the metric to show it and all it's siblings/ children.
  2. Click the green circles to include the metric in the report as a top level item, or to exclude it. The circles toggle each time you click them. Dark green means "this metric is included", and light green means "metric isn't in this report as a top level item".
  3. The new report is automatically saved but doesn't update (as you may want to add or remove lots of metrics). Press F5 to refresh the report and see what's changed.
3.2 Adding or removing any metric from Metric Details


  1. Pull up the "metric details" for any report and select the "Add to/ Remove from Report" option:
  2. Select the report you want to add or remove the metric from and the job's done.

Here's a screen shot of the Everything report. This uses all our current provider metrics - more than you'd really want, but it's just as quick as the rest of our system to review and use, or to copy.