We've been busy automating Public View tests, so we can maintain our rate of adding new metrics without compromising quality.

Automated Testing

Test List

The NHS is always changing the format of the source data for metrics and the provider/ ICS mix.

Public View's always adding new features and updating our own systems.

Together, that's a high rate of change, and with hundreds of users across dozens of NHS organisations, we have a lot of users depending on the accuracy of our systems. For that reason, we've been working on automating our testing process so we can continuously test both software and data.

We're not quite finished, but in any case this is going to be an ongoing task, but we're sure this will help ensure Public View can continue to keep pace with user demands as we increase rapidly in size and scale.

We currently have 261 Provider metrics plus 123 ICS specific metrics, with seamless drill-down from the latter to the former of course. We're adding more metrics daily. In fact we may need to introduce a metric to track the number of metrics.