Last night our regular daily "notifications" didn't run correctly.

We noticed last week that our email server had stopped notifying some users of new data. Eventually we worked out that the problem was with our email service. They had noticed that were sending over a thousand emails, and assumed that we may have been sending spam. They quietly sent some of the emails but not others, making it quite hard to work out what was going on. Our web browser "push notifications" were unaffected by this.

Once we worked it out, we fixed it, then tested and deployed new software last night. Which broke completely when it ran in the early hours this morning.

Fortunately there was no new data to load on Friday, so no harm was done. The new issue looks to be a problem with the new versions of Azure Function Apps (v4) and Dot Net 6. These technologies were "generally available" in November last year, but it turns out there are some things in the upgrade which aren't in the manual.

Anyway, we think we have it now, although we'll find out in the early hours tomorrow...

If anyone's not sure if they're supposed to be getting notifications of new data or not, you can check in the "profile" section of the web site, in the "Notifications" tab.

  • You have to "opt in" if you want Email Notifications to your account's email address.
  • Push notifications are turned on by default if you chose to allow the browser to notify you when you first use our service. They just keep the metrics in your browser up to date in the background, saving a couple of seconds now and then, and of course informing you when something fresh is published.

profile screenshot showing notifications settings