This week we added custom metric sets to our board report page. We also fixed a few defects which have been around for a while.

new feature

First the new feature. We added a new control to the board report page which allows users to select any subset fo metrics for display on that page. By default the page shows the SOF metrics, but you can switch it around and it'll remember your settings, or even copy and edit existing groups of metrics to create custom "score cards" if that's what you need.
New feature

The setting on this page is independent of the setting on the home page, so you can be looking at the HCPS set on the home page and SOF on the board page, for example. Switching between sets is instant.


The paginator wasn't quite right if you were looking at large numbers of metrics, and that's now been fixed.

We also had a rather confused list of metrics in the "metric details page" metric picker. That's now simplified and looks much cleaner than it used to.

Apologies for those problems, which were our mistakes.