We're in the process of upgrading our cloud hosting so we'll have more headroom to take on the complexities of "Places" and a few other projects we have in hand.

In the short term, if we get it right then no one should really notice any difference. That's kind of annoying as the best we can do is not break anything, in the short term at least.

This post was written on our new cloud, built on it, and if you're reading it, then it's running live on our new infrastructure. At least then this part of our migration worked!

We have a few defect fixes and minor feature upgrades ready to roll out, but we want to put those directly onto the new platform, so there will be a short delay as we double-check everything. We aim to be through this in a week or so.

well there is a cloud in this shot

Oh, and if whoever's using "LogicMonitor" against our web presence would like to get in touch, then we'll consider allowing you to continue with that.