The other week we were lucky enough to have a post-Covid visit to one of our customers, where we learned more about how their part of the NHS uses the public data sets PublicView stores and processes.

It turned out that the customer needed to process data for sets of ICS "member" organisations (Trusts or CCGs), so they could see how those individual constituents were affecting the ICS's overall performance for specific metrics. Our systems supported ICS level comparisons, but we'd missed that customers would need to review which of their member organisations (CCGs or Providers) were contributing to the metric, and how.

The report they were producing manually is shown at the bottom of the page here, with deep red blocking on what was an Excel spreadsheet derived from our system data.

PublicView Screen Shot

We thought that the user's approach to colouring in table cells to draw attention to it was a good idea. So we took it and built it into our systems. We hope that'll save a lot of effort each month, and mwill spread our customer's good idea more widely. Our version of the tbale is responsive and reactive - you can tweak the colours in real time, and sort or step through or drill into the data as you'd expect.

We also realized that even if you're not managing an ICS, this sort of display could be useful, so it'll be released in a few days for all users, not just ICS users. Oh, and it works on your mobile phone too!

PublicView screenshot

If any other customers are performing "down stream" processing of data from PublicView, please get in touch and tell us what you're doing. If we can, we'll code it up so it's automatic.

Customer Spreadsheet

Customer Report