The old "Board Metrics" scorecard will today be replaced with a new "Maternity" scorecard. The old "Board Metrics" Scorecard will still be available, labelled as "SOF" - Standard Operating Framework.

Users may have noticed that the "Board Metrics" and "SOF" Scorecards were identical; now you know where we were going with that.

Maternity Scorecard

We can add other "canned" Scorecards like these, so please ask if there's something you want. We don't want to fill the menu with things which aren't commonly used though, as that'd be annoying.

You can of course create any custom Scorecard you like using the user interface. Broadly, you copy the closest report to the one you want to create, then delete from it the metrics you don't want, and add in the metrics which are missing, and give it any name you like.

The new Maternity Scorecard goes live this evening, all being well.
Testing is underway...