The CloudFlare distribution network had an outage for a few minutes this morning, which affected some of our users. Public View should have still worked if you were signed in already (as it works off line), but new logins would fail whilst Cloud Flare was down from about 07:43 to 08:20 UK time.

We're sorry for any inconvenience. Cloud Flare is a large content distribution service which we use to provide a faster and more resilient service, but nothing's 100% reliable and this time we were unlucky.

Here's a third party summary which will likely be updated in due course once they have full details of what broke and why.

If you encountered the error, which you'd definitely see when trying to log in or to access something not already cached in your browser, Cloud Flare helpfully provided this screen:

... which whilst it makes no difference to users, is a bit annoying to us as they put the red ink in the wrong place! Their service is mostly excellent, so we'll let them off this time I think.