NHS England published the latest "NHS oversight framework segmentation" data on June 24.

This month the NHS didn't list the data by the usual official organisation codes, but instead used organisation names. Quite a lot of which were mis-spelt.

We could have done what we guess non-Public View customers have to do when that happens... manually import and correct every single line of data. But that doesn't really solve the problem, so instead we wrote some software which fuzzy-matches randomly mis-spelt organisation names against their actual organisation codes. We're all local so we can react quickly to things like this, and the overall delay was just a couple of days, for which we apologise.

I'm sure you can see that this approach is more accurate and quicker overall, as the next time this happens, we won't have any problem at all with it.

Makes me wonder how much those mis-spellings cost the NHS nationwide. We deal with them in one place and it's "all part of the service". However the manual processing which causes this type of problem is a cost in itself, but it also creates costs for everyone who consumes the data. It makes me wonder how much the managers who are responsible for these errors, because that's what they are, understand about what their output is actually for.